Interface BLETransmitter

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    public interface BLETransmitter
    extends Sensor
    Beacon transmitter broadcasts a fixed service UUID to enable background scan by iOS. When iOS enters background mode, the UUID will disappear from the broadcast, so Android devices need to search for Apple devices and then connect and discover services to read the UUID.
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        static final java.util.Queue<SensorDelegate> delegates
        Delegates for receiving beacon detection events. This is necessary because some Android devices (Samsung J6) does not support BLE transmit, thus making the beacon characteristic writable offers a mechanism for such devices to detect a beacon transmitter and make their own presence known by sending its own beacon code and RSSI as data to the transmitter.
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      • payloadData

        PayloadData payloadData()
        Get current payload.
        The current PayloadData for this device.
      • isSupported

        boolean isSupported()
        Is transmitter supported.
        True if BLE advertising is supported.