A Business Event represents an organizational state change.

Business Processes and other business behaviour may be triggered or interrupted by a Business Event.

Also, Business Processes may raise events that trigger other Business Processes, Functions, or Interactions. A Business Event is most commonly used to model something that triggers behaviour.

Unlike Business Processes, Functions, and Interactions, a Business Event is instantaneous: it does not have duration. A Business Event may have a time attribute that denotes the moment or moments at which the event happens.

Events may originate from the environment of the organization (e.g., from a customer), but also internal events may occur generated by, for example, other processes within the organization.

A Business Event may trigger or be triggered (raised) by a Business Process, Business Function, or Business Interaction.

A Business Event may access a Business Object and may be composed of other Business Events.

The name of a Business Event should preferably be a verb in the perfect tense; e.g., "claim received".


Business. Behavioural.


Request for Insurance, Claim Received, Application Form Received, Send Product Portfolio.