A Business Interaction represents a unit of collective business behavior performed by (a collaboration of) two or more Business Actors, Business Roles, or Business Collaborations.

A Business Interaction is similar to a Business Process or Business Function, but while a process/function may be performed by a single role, an interaction is performed by multiple roles in collaboration.

A Business Interaction may be triggered by, or trigger, any other business behaviour element (Business Event, Business Process, Business Function, or Business Interaction).

A Business Interaction may access Business Objects.

A Business Interaction may realize one or more Business Services and may use (internal) Business Services or Application Services.

A Business Collaboration or an Application Collaboration may be assigned to a Business Interaction.

The name of a Business Interaction should preferably be a verb in the simple present tense.


Business. Behavioural.


Formalise Request, Check and Sign Contract, Take out Combined Insurance.