A Business Role represents the responsibility for performing specific behavior, to which an actor can be assigned, or the part an actor plays in a particular action or event.

A Business Role can be fulfilled by more than one Business Actor. Conversely, a Business Actor may fulfil more than one Business Role. For example, given a named teacher, their roles may include those in the domains.

A Business Role will usually exist in an organisation whether or not a given actor fulfils it or not.

A Business Actor that is assigned to a Business Roleis responsible for ensuring that the corresponding behavior is carried out, either by performing it or by delegating and managing its performance

A Business Role may be assigned to one or more Business Processes or Business Functions. A Business Interface or an Application Interface may be used by a Business Role, while a Business Interface may be part of a Business Role (Composition relationship).

The name of a Business Role should preferably be a noun.


Business. Active Structure.


Customer, Insurer, Supplier, Lecturer, Administrator, Buyer.