herald  2.0.0
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herald::datatype::TimeInterval Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 TimeInterval (long seconds)
 TimeInterval (const Date &date)
 TimeInterval (const Date &from, const Date &to)
 TimeInterval (const TimeInterval &other)
TimeIntervaloperator= (const TimeInterval &other) noexcept
TimeInterval operator* (const TimeInterval &other) noexcept
TimeInterval operator+ (const TimeInterval &other) noexcept
TimeIntervaloperator+= (const TimeInterval &other) noexcept
TimeInterval operator- (const TimeInterval &other) noexcept
TimeIntervaloperator-= (const TimeInterval &other) noexcept
TimeInterval operator* (double multiplier) noexcept
TimeIntervaloperator*= (double multiplier) noexcept
TimeInterval operator/ (double divisor) noexcept
TimeIntervaloperator/= (double divisor) noexcept
bool operator> (const TimeInterval &other) const noexcept
bool operator>= (const TimeInterval &other) const noexcept
bool operator< (const TimeInterval &other) const noexcept
bool operator<= (const TimeInterval &other) const noexcept
bool operator== (const TimeInterval &other) const noexcept
bool operator!= (const TimeInterval &other) const noexcept
long millis () const noexcept
long seconds () const noexcept
 operator std::string () const noexcept
 operator long () const noexcept

Static Public Member Functions

static TimeInterval minutes (long minutes)
static TimeInterval seconds (long seconds)
static TimeInterval never ()
static TimeInterval zero ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator/()

TimeInterval herald::datatype::TimeInterval::operator/ ( double  divisor)

If divisor is zero, makes no modification.

◆ operator/=()

TimeInterval& herald::datatype::TimeInterval::operator/= ( double  divisor)

If divisor is zero, makes no modification.

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