Download Herald

Download Herald

You can download a Herald release from the below URLs. Each repository has its own specific issue tracker. A list of all projects can be found on The Herald Project’s GitHub Organisation page.

You can also reach out to us and log general project and research data requests and issues on our GitHub issues site. This website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

The Herald project is maintained primarily by the opensource community in our spare time. We aim to respond to logged issues and emails within 24-28 hours during week days (Monday-Friday) in the UK time zone.

Third Party Applications with Herald built in

If you would like a final Herald-powered application, you can access the below:-

Herald white-labled DCT applications and DCT backend for PHAs

Coming soon in v2.2! Repository URLs to be confirmed.

Herald demonstration applications & Core API

There are a number of demonstration apps available within the Herald project. These are in the same GitHub repositories as the API for each platform:-

Please follow our Getting started with the Code guide if you are developing a Herald based application.

Herald opensource hardware

The Herald project are working on low-cost, mass producible, hardware designs for DCT wearables and beacons. We also contribute back code to upstream projects too.

  • Herald Hardware (Milestones|Issues) - Opensource hardware for wearables and beacons for DCT, health monitoring, and other eHealth uses (OHL-P-V2 licensed)
  • Zephyr Modules (Milestones|Issues) - Extensions and drivers for the Zephyr Project’s real time operating system (RTOS). Latest files we use are here. (Apache-2.0 licensed) We also contribute to the upstream Zephyr project.

Herald analysis / research tools

The Herald project maintain a number of repositories for tooling to enable efficacy testing and scientific research into Proximity.

  • Herald Analysis (Milestones|Issues) - R Studio scripts for the Fair Efficacy Formula and RSSI-Distance calculation, and evaluation of distance and risk algorithms, and research published data (Apache-2.0 licensed)
  • Herald Calibration (Milestones|Issues) Our generic BLE RSSI calibration and distance estimation testing tool. (Apache-2.0 licensed)
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.