Herald App (Herald Protocol) Results 2020-08-31


A formal test on 10 phones (5 iOS, 5 Android) carried out on 31st August 2020 by Adam Fowler of the Herald Protocol development team.

Correction - 2020-11-07

After reviewing the fair efficacy paper it was found that the UK population with mobile phones was double counted for some age groups. This has now been corrected in the below statistics and the paper.

This resulted in the Pcountry value for the UK changing. This doesn’t affect the probability of accurate risk detection but does effect the final Pspec and efficacy scores. The values that have changed are marked with an asterisk below.


Measure Result Notes
Overall Efficacy 37.93%* Effective
(UK MAX 46.57%*)
Probability of detection 86.51% Formal RISK detection
Phone Detection 100% Includes iOS in the background
Continuity 93.06% Full continuity
Completeness RT1 98.36%
Completeness RT2 TBD Not yet calculated from data
Completeness CE 95.95%
Accuracy 95.95% RSSI accuracy
Longevity 98.50% 11 hour test
Mean time
between readings
Country UK
Have BLE Phones 72.53%* OFCOM reports
Hardware Support 98.19*% BBC data
Software/OS Support 98.00% BBC data
Overall Pspec 69.79%*
Pspec squared 48.71%*
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