Project Advisory Group

The Project Advisory Group

This is an invite-only group that meets quarterly to discuss Herald progress and any assistance the project can give to ongoing research or areas to trial out for Public Health Authorities (PHAs).

Members are from PHAs, Digital Contact Tracing researchers and application teams, wearable manufacturers, and other advisory groups.

Although the meetings are private, the Project Roadmap on Miro which is the output of the meetings is not. They are private to ensure PHAs can comment freely in a psychologically safe space free from the politics of suggesting or requesting data on emerging thoughts or problems in Public Health.

We also have a range of Public Meetings on the LFPH’s Calendar.

Current members

We are currently working on asking Project Advisory Group members for their thoughts on why they value being part of the Project Advisory Group and will share that detail and links to their organisations and/or projects here as they become available.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.