Here are the various titles and links to published material we’ve used as research and reference material in the paper and on this website.

Paper citations

Website-only citations

The below links are used on this website only, and not in the paper, but may be of interest to researchers.

Below are a list of external links used when talking about the Herald Secured payload for contact tracing:-

  • Kerberos authentication and ticket passing (As used when you log in to corporate networks and services): RFC-4120
  • Time base one time password - TOTP (As used in your online banking codes): RFC-6238
  • Diffie-Hellman-Merkle key agreement (As used whenever you use a ‘https’ secure connection): RFC-2631 (Note: We mention Merkle as a nod to the request of Hellman)

Other security related links around Bluetooth that we refer to

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