herald  2.0.0
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herald::analysis::views::iterator_proxy< Coll, ValT, IterT, SizeT > Struct Template Reference

#include <ranges.h>

Public Types

using base_iterator = IterT
using base_value_type = ValT
using base_size_type = SizeT

Public Member Functions

 iterator_proxy (Coll &coll)
 iterator_proxy (iterator_proxy &&other)
 iterator_proxy (const iterator_proxy &other)
auto operator* () -> const ValT &
iterator_proxy< Coll > & operator++ ()
 prefix operator
iterator_proxy< Coll > operator++ (int)
bool operator== (IterT otherIter) const
bool operator!= (IterT otherIter) const
IterT & wrapped ()
IterT & end ()
bool ended ()
Coll & collection () const


bool operator!= (IterT otherIter, iterator_proxy< Coll > thisIter)
bool operator== (IterT otherIter, iterator_proxy< Coll > thisIter)

Detailed Description

template<typename Coll, typename ValT = typename std::remove_cv<typename Coll::value_type>::type, typename IterT = typename Coll::iterator, typename SizeT = typename Coll::size_type>
struct herald::analysis::views::iterator_proxy< Coll, ValT, IterT, SizeT >

Proxies a collection's iterator In this implementation, does nothing else Use like:- iterator_proxy<> proxy(myCollection); while (proxy != std::end(myCollection)) { // Could also use !proxy.ended() std::cout << *proxy << std::endl; // prints ALL numbers ++proxy; }

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