herald  2.0.0
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 NheraldActs as a non-global memory arena for arbitrary classes
 NsamplingA set of structs compatible with, but not reliant upon, views and ranges in Herald
 CLoggingAnalysisDelegateLogs any given type of sample to the Herald logging subsystem as a Debug message
 CListManagerManages a set of lists for a particular Sample Value Type
 CVariantSetA fixed size set that holds exactly one instance of the std::variant for each of the specified ValTs value types
 CAnalysisDelegateManagerConvenience wrapper for all AnalysisDelegate types used by the analysis API
 CAnalysisProviderManagerConvenience wrapper for all AnalysisProvider types used by the analysis API
 CAnalysisRunnerManages all sample lists, sources, sinks, and analysis instances for all data generated within a system
 CSensorDelegateRSSISourceConnects the RSSI readings from a SensorDelegate to a source for AnalysisRunner data
 Clast_updated_descendingProvides a callable that assists in ordering for most recently updated BLEDevice
 CBLEDeviceFlagsINTERNAL Herald class used to minimise the memory footprint with hundreds of devices nearby
 CBLESensorConfigurationDefines BLE sensor configuration data, e.g. service and characteristic UUIDs
 CConcreteBLEReceiverDummy implementation of a ConcreteBLEReceiver that does nothing (used for testing)
 CConcreteBLETransmitterDummy implementation of a ConcreteBLETransmitter that does nothing (used for testing)
 NdatatypeContains all low-level Herald datatype implementations
 CBase64StringStrongly, rather than stringly, typed representation of Base64 String data. Prevents incorrect initialisation or manipulation
 CDataRefThe main data workhorse class of the Herald API
 CDataSectionsRepresents a fixed array of Data references using the default memory arena that tracks its own in-use size
 CMemoryArenaEntryRepresents an external 'pointer' to an allocated memory area
 CMemoryArenaVery basic paged memory arena class
 NengineEngine classes provide for task scheduling, including complex inter-dependent tasks
 NFeaturesLists all Features currently supported by Herald providers
 NPrioritiesConvenience Priority values
 CActivityAn activity that needs to be performed due to some state being achieved in a Sensor
 CCoordinationProviderCoordination management class that arranges Sensor's periodic requirements and activity interdependencies
 CCoordinatorCoordinates all connection and activities used across all sensors within Herald
 NzephyrinternalInternal zephyr namespace DO NOT USE - API MAY CHANGE WITHOUT WARNING
 CCallbacksINTERNAL utility class to allow Zephyr C API to call callbacks in the Zephyr internal Context Impl class
 CContextCompile-time Context class, customisable via template traits. Provides generic access to OS system features
 CDefaultSensorDelegateDefault implementation that provides implementations for each delegate callback
 CDeviceGeneric abstraction of a particular local proximate device type
 CSensorArrayManages all Sensors and sensor delegates for Herald
 CSensorDelegateSetA set of variant typed Sensor Delegate instances. Delegate callbacks can be invoked on the whole set, if supported by each
 CZephyrContextProviderHolds generic state across our application for any Zephyr RTOS device
 Chash< herald::datatype::DataRef< MemoryArenaT > >
 Chash< herald::datatype::TargetIdentifier >