herald  2.0.0
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herald::ble::ConcreteBLEDatabase< ContextT, MaxDevicesCached > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for herald::ble::ConcreteBLEDatabase< ContextT, MaxDevicesCached >:
herald::ble::BLEDatabase herald::ble::BLEDeviceDelegate

Public Member Functions

 ConcreteBLEDatabase (ContextT &context)
 ConcreteBLEDatabase (const ConcreteBLEDatabase &from)=delete
 ConcreteBLEDatabase (ConcreteBLEDatabase &&from)=delete
void add (BLEDatabaseDelegate &delegate) override
BLEDevicedevice (const BLEMacAddress &mac, const Data &advert) override
BLEDevicedevice (const BLEMacAddress &mac, const BLEMacAddress &pseudo) override
BLEDevicedevice (const BLEMacAddress &mac) override
BLEDevicedevice (const PayloadData &payloadData) override
BLEDevicedevice (const TargetIdentifier &targetIdentifier) override
std::size_t size () const override
std::vector< std::reference_wrapper< BLEDevice > > matches (const std::function< bool(const BLEDevice &)> &matcher) override
void remove (const TargetIdentifier &targetIdentifier) override
 Cannot name a function delete in C++. remove is common.
void device (const BLEDevice &device, BLEDeviceAttribute didUpdate) override

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr std::size_t MaxDevices = MaxDevicesCached

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