Choose a Herald repository

Choose a repository to work on

You can see a list of our repositories on the Herald Project Repositories page.

Each project is a little different. As you will see on the above pages there are ‘Core API’ projects which include demo applications. We would like expertise in the following areas for these projects:-

  • Swift/iOS, Java/Android, C++/Embedded developers
  • UX Design skills
  • Experience working in an integrated product team and not separate silos of ‘design’ and ‘engineering’ is crucial to our project. Designers and Engineers need to work together on each feature and release.

Non-code contributions

We also welcome people with other skills to work on the project across repositories. Even if you’re not a developer you should feel that you can get involved.

Example skills we need at a Herald Project organisation level include:-

  • Product (not project) managers
  • Website UX designers
  • Social media and blog post content creators

Choosing what to work on

Each project’s GitHub Issues page will have a list of releases (called Milestones) and within each a list of features that need working on.

One of the best ways to find something to work on is look for those with the ‘Good first issue’ tag, as these are well documented and straightforward to work on.

Once you’ve found something you want to work on go to the Forking a repository page.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.